Ground Mounted


SIGMA IThe Sigma I is one of the most cost-effective and quick-to-install mounting systems on the market. It requires no foundation, but instead stands securely on driven piles. The Sigma I is able to compensate for a gradient of up to 10°, due to the flexibility of its base rails and connectors.

This creates a photovoltaic array which is parallel to the ground and doesn’t require expensive ground-leveling procedures. Installation of the modules also takes no time at all with the ClickStone module fasteners – all done at a convenient working height.

Quick and easy installation:

  • Time savings from the high level of pre-assembled components
  • Minimal use of tools
  • No cutting to size or drilling required
  • Installation performed at a working height
  • Can be installed without moving earth
  • Adjusts to uneven terrain

Maximum safety:

  • Tested stability and statics in accordance with local regulations and standards
  • High corrosion resistance


SIGMA IIThe Sigma II can be deployed whatever the nature of the terrain. Excellent stability is achieved either with foundation posts, a foundation or with earth screws.

A new height-adjustment mechanism allows the module array to be leveled quickly. Up to two rows of modules can be mounted in a portrait orientation or five rows in a landscape orientation. You get the maximum utilization of space and a short installation time.