Project Development and Finance

Conergy is engaged in developing and financing projects in the markets we serve and has recently also moved into selective asset ownership and solar leasing.

Project Development

Conergy works very closely with project sponsors and investment partners at every stage of the development process: from managing due diligence and feasibility analyses, arranging project documents (permits, power purchase agreements, supplier contracts, land rights and insurance) ensuring that they are secure and bankable, identifying and pre-qualifying potential investors, leading project planning to conducting financial modelling for the project.

Project Finance

Conergy’s finance professionals build on their broad experience and dedicated, hands-on approach to structure, arrange and provide financing for solar projects from a number of financial partners: from commercial banks, private equity, multilateral lending institutions and capital markets.

Asset Ownership

Conergy seeks investments in solar projects which have attractive growth opportunities where our capital can unlock value. These would be projects characterized by:

  • Strong EBITDA to free cash flow conversion – where we assess future revenue streams and costs by looking into the credit worthiness of the offtaker, the stability of power buy priligy online in malaysia prices and the predictability of costs of the project components and services.
  • Strong return on net assets – we assess the duration and consistency of regulatory support, currency and political risks.
  • Experienced management or project sponsor teams who understand the local market conditions and share our focus on growth

We have made a number of early stage investments in numerous markets including Japan, the Americas, the Philippines and Australia and we continue to grow our pipeline in those markets.

Solar Leasing

Conergy is also increasingly venturing into solar leasing to make solar energy more accessible and affordable to a wider range of customers.

Under this mechanism, rooftop owners pay very little to have solar panels installed on their roofs. Instead of paying for the system cost upfront, they would typically sign long term leasing contracts with us and pay a fee each month for the electricity sourced from the solar system.

Want to benefit from lower bills and do your part to save planet? It’s time to switch on solar!