Conergy Solutions

As a provider of solar system solutions, Conergy has more than 18 years experience in photovoltaics.Our product range includes all the components for a photovoltaic system. Our solar components adhere to the industry’s highest quality standards and have been tried and tested thousands of times in practical installations. We design custom-fit systems tailored to your requirements and your site.

Solar Modules: high module efficiency, durability and high yields >> More info
Mounting Systems: static testing makes our systems reliable and durable >> More info
Inverters: highly efficient and reliable in all grid situations >> More info


Benefit from our services for large-scale projects:

Site development: we analyze the project conditions, carry out a site assessment, calculate the costs, opportunities and risks. We will advise and assist you with order priligy online uk contracts and approval procedures.
Project Development and Finance: Conergy provides a wide range of co-development solutions including financial advice, participation (debt, equity) and carbon assets management. Conergy is ready to study early stage participation in projects and is able to bring to local project developers a reliable network of international renewable energy investors.
Planning, Procurement, Construction: All-round support starting with system planning and profitability calculations. By producing all photovoltaic components in-house, we can be sure of using only components that have been extensively tested and tried in practice. Conergy acts as the main contractor and is responsible for the installation of the systems.
Plant Management: With professional technical support from the entire team, Conergy guarantees the successful operation of all projects.